On the Road

A Gift of the Holy Trinity

Written by: Denise Serafini on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The inspiration for my blogging this year led me to talk about the churches we’ve been visiting, highlighting the story behind the individual saint in whose honor the church has been named. The church we visited in Poughkeepsie on March 22 was the Church of the Holy Trinity and I have to say I’m a bit overwhelmed since the writing on the subject of the Trinity is definitely “above my pay grade of intellectual gifts”. It’s a difficult subject to expound on, even for the great writers of the Church, so I won’t even attempt to address the theological elements associated with discussions and articles I’ve read regarding Trinitarian philosophy.

I will however, provide you with a quote regarding a rationale on God’s purpose for His Son’s Passion from Father Robert Barron, professor of systematic theology at Chicago’s Mundelein Seminary. He says, “A gracious God, seeing the mess into which human beings have fallen, sets things right. And that can happen only through the sheer generous grace of a God who, by the Holy Spirit, breaks into the dysfunction and heals it from within."  To take that a step further, Barron also says, “What ‘satisfies’ the Father is not so much the suffering of the Son as his obedience, his willingness to go into godforsakenness out of love for the human race.”

With that said, I think it’s best for me to just stick with the reality of the Presence of the Holy Trinity at our little event at Holy Trinity Parish. The feeling in the church as we meditated on the message of God’s love for mankind in sacrificing His only begotten Son was definitely one that was filled with the Holy Spirit. Father Mizzi-Gili, Pastor and presider for our event, turned to the Eucharist for each prayer we said in the series for the meditations. That gesture seemed to help us connect directly to God in our prayers.  Father's rendition of the “Call from the Crucified Heart”, Jesus’ words to us at each step in His Passion, were done in such a way that you could fully imagine Jesus actually having that conversation with us in the Church that evening. That feeling is definitely what I call the presence of the Holy Spirit manifest among us.

From what little I’ve learned over the years, I believe that the Trinity can be a very significant element in our prayers. The general pattern of prayer noted in the Bible is to pray to the Father through the Son and in the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 2:18). Through Christ (the person, his sacrifice, and his mediation), sinners (in their worship and prayers) are allowed to draw near to God as a Father, under the inspiration and conveyance of the Holy Spirit. Christ’s sacrifice purchased the opportunity for us to approach God the Father in a whole new way via the new covenant in His Blood. The Spirit gives us the heart and strength to come to God and then endows us with the grace to serve God acceptably as a reflection of His Love.

So there you have it. In the simplest of explanations, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one in conveying the love of our Triune Creator to us. No heavy theology to provide us with detailed logic about how it all happens. Just the feeling that pervades to the very depths of our hearts and souls to a point of true knowing, the existence and love of the Trinity, there for each of us to spend time with if we just take a little time in basic meditation. What a gift!