On the Road

A Mission to Save Lives

Written by: Denise Serafini on Saturday, June 03, 2017

On Tuesday, May 30 we were invited by Dave Ryan, Past State Deputy of Nevada from the Knights of Columbus, to tour the First Choice Pregnancy Services Center. As part of their activities to support life, the Knights of Columbus in Nevada has provided a brand new ultrasound machine for the facility. The venter provides complete, accurate information, free lab-quality high-sensitivity pregnancy tests with immediate results, pregnancy consultation, and state-of-the-art ultrasound services to women and couples who are making decisions about unintended pregnancies.

Everything they do is focused on providing information to help mothers make healthy, informed and livable choices. The environment is confidential, supportive and compassionate.

We met the director of the facility and she took us on a tour. As we moved from room to room, she took the opportunity to give us real life examples of situations and issues that young women face each day. I was particularly touched by a story of a Christian family that arrived at the center, immediately after having left the abortion clinic next door. They had made a mistake and didn’t understand the nature of the services that were being provided at the abortion clinic. It seems they thought they were simply going in for a check up. To the young mother’s horror, she was told that the child would have severe physical issues if brought to term. The abortion clinic recommended terminating the pregnancy and moved forward immediately to begin the process. When the young mother became confused and concerned by what they were doing to her, she called in her in-laws who were waiting in the reception area. They immediately called their son and he told them to leave the clinic immediately even though the doctor had begun the process. They made their way to the First Choice center next door and immediately explained their situation. Arrangements were made to get emergency medical attention and both mother and baby were rescued. Contrary to what they had been told at the abortion clinic, the baby had no health or physical issues.

The workers and volunteers at this facility are faced with all sorts of personal stories and crisis situations everyday. Supported by volunteers, free-will donations and organizations like the Knights of Columbus, workers at these centers meet the challenges to save babies and mothers on a daily basis. They also deal with the issues of maintaining a top rate facility while assuring financial stability.

May God bless the individuals that give of their talents, skills, time and funding to support the live giving mission of this center. If you’re reading this blog I encourage you to consider how you might be able to lend a helping hand at your local centers to make a difference for life. It will affect the lives of many as well as your own.