On the Road

Celebrating with St. Joseph

Written by: Denise Serafini on Thursday, March 23, 2017

On Sunday, March 19, we traveled to the Church of St. Joseph in Troy, New York. When we pulled up we saw two major banners promoting our event on the fences that line the street alongside the church. Father James Sidoti, certainly invested lots of effort to bring as many people as possible to join us in the event. This church is incredibly beautiful with its old gothic design and tiffany windows. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth the stop for a visit.

We arrived between masses to bring in our equipment. We brought it in early to leave it in the corner, since there was a Latin Mass just before our event which limited our set up time. We have to do whatever we can to minimize the unpacking time when the window available for set up is less than 90 minutes. That approach allowed us to get everything done for an on-time start of the program.

We were joined by members of the Color Guard from the local Knights of Columbus Assembly. These great examples of committed men in service to the Church have been there for every event I’ve ever done in Troy at both St. Augustine’s and St. Joseph’s.

In the devotion to the Holy Face there is a chaplet prayer that specifically notes the power of St. Joseph. He is highlighted as the manager of all the gifts and favors coming from the Father of Light and Mercy. St. Teresa of Avila was also a great fan of St. Joseph. She firmly believed that St. Joseph has been granted the power to help us in all our needs. She said, “Our Lord wishes us to understand that as He who made Himself subject to St. Joseph on earth, so also in heaven is ready to do whatever the holy Patriarch may now ask.”

Jean, my travel companion and colleague in this apostolate, consistently commended our travels to the protection of St. Joseph for our tours across the country. Not only that, we depend on his intercession to help us maintain financial stability for the apostolate and align the schedule of events so they come together in a logical geographic progression.

It so happens that March 19th is also the feast day of St. Joseph. What better place to present than a beautiful church named in his honor? Father Sidoti was the main presider for this event, and he provided beautiful holy cards depicting St. Joseph to complement the holy cards we provide for attendees to touch to the relics as a permanent memento of their encounter with the Relics of the Passion. What a wonderful opportunity to engage the powerful intercession of St. Joseph, on his feast day, for all the intentions offered up by the participants and for the petitions we offer up under the Relic of the Holy Nail during each event.