On the Road

Reflections of the Father’s Love

Written by: Denise Serafini on Thursday, June 08, 2017

On Wednesday, June 7th we presented our program to the parishioners of St Pius X Church in Aurora, Colorado. We were greeted by Vladimir, the pastor’s assistant, an accommodating and helpful young man. He was very quick to assist us in getting all of our equipment into the church and want to be as much a part of the process as possible since he knew he would have to leave for assigned duties shortly after the the program was set to begin. Jean was quick to engage him in setting the relics onto the pedestals and allowing him to have a private time to venerate before the parishioners arrived. He was most grateful to have had the time to take a group of holy cards and touch them to each relic as he reverently approached them.

While I was giving directions to the sir knights for the processional and presentation of the relics, Father Jorge joined us to discuss his role in the program. What a congenial and welcoming priest with a broad smile and engaging personality. He was considerate of his parishioners and asked if we could have a slightly delayed start to accommodate late arriving individuals that are part of working families. As he expected, parishioners filed in throughout the meditative portion of the program.

Although this particular evening was heavy laden in humidity, the room was nonetheless filled with the Holy Spirit. Since we had a full contingent of Sir Knights in the Color Guard for this event, Exposition of the Holy Eucharist was done with the full ceremonial process of presenting swords provided by two Knights of Columbus commanders. Father Jorge read the Call from the Crucified Heart as well as the follow-up prayers during the program. Before reposition of the Blessed Sacrament he spoke eloquently about the tie between Our Lord’s Passion and His presence with us today in the Holy Eucharist, noting how important it is to spend time with Jesus in His presence on the altar as often as possible. He then did the final blessing with Jesus in the monstrance and led the congregation in the Divine Praises.

Immediately following the closing prayers Father Jorge thoughtfully took the time to provide instructions in Spanish for those members of his parish that may not have fully understood the explanation of the process I had provided in English.

The line for veneration included many young families and a number of children with significant health issues. Jean and I both noted that individuals took their time in venerating each relic. The knights were very accommodating bending forward with the relics to bring them closer to the little children and touching the babies carried by their parents. For his part, Father Jorge headed to take position in the confessional.

Many individuals approached me after veneration to inquire where we might be next so they could share their experience with relatives, friends and acquaintances. One of the sir knights also approached Jean to give her a short testimony of his experience with holding the Veil of Veronica Relic. We often hear that one relic or another has a significant effect on the person holding it for veneration. This man was truly touched and it was evident that he was overwhelmed by the experience.

As an observing witness at this event, I can attest to fact that the love of the Father conveyed as a gift of the Holy Spirit, pervaded the church that evening for those faithful parishioners that engaged in prayerful meditation on the Passion of His Son. The closing prayer of our program notes, “The Father, sent his only Son that we might no longer live for ourselves but for him who died and rose for us, that we might know the very depth and breadth of the Father’s love, and become its reflection.” For that short time, in that small out of the way church, that reflection was evident in all.