On the Road

St. Rita of Cascia – Saint of the Impossible

Written by: Denise Serafini on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

By coincidence, or perhaps by divine design – who can say, we presented at a church in Hamden on Thursday, March 9 named for St. Rita, another great saint that spent years meditating on the crucifixion of Our Savior. Similar to St. Francis of Assisi, St. Rita of Cascia was a saint of the stigmata. She bore a wound on her forehead that was created, via supernatural grace, by one of the thorns from Christ’s crown of thorns.

Our event at St. Rita’s Church brought in a sizable crowd and we had 18 or 19 Color Guard members from the Knights of Columbus joining us. Father Sharkey joined us for the supporting prayers associated with each meditation and he did a wonderful job of reading Jesus’ message from the Cross for us.

I also had the opportunity to reconnect with valued colleagues that I worked with while I was employed at the Knights of Columbus Supreme Offices in New Haven. That was a special added treat.

St. Rita has a great reputation of being the saint of the impossible and St. Francis teaches us to walk alongside Jesus, bearing our crosses with patience and humility. I think I need to be consistently mindful of their message. Sometimes I look at our travel schedule and wonder how it is that two women, pretty well advanced in years, can simply leave the comforts of their home for extended periods to drive across the country with this program and all of its supporting equipment. In some ways it seems like an impossible mission to get everything scheduled and aligned correctly to make the trip progress logically from city to city within a state and then across states. The details of overcoming the issues to keep the progression of our travels organized seems almost impossible at times. While that’s one aspect of the process, we also have to recognize that our mission is focused on Christ’s Passion and handle our own little crosses inherent in the problems and issues that creep up along the way. For example, last year we had to find a printer that would provide 12-hour turnaround on printing holy cards and booklets on fly. We literally had such big crowds at a few churches that our inventory got unexpectedly depleted before we could arrive at the destination for the next planned shipment. Once or twice we had to do the full unload and reload of our equipment for an event and more than once we even had issues finding a room for the night.

We have had presentations in close succession at churches named in honor of saints that had great devotion to Jesus on the Cross. I am hoping that we can depend on St. Francis and St. Rita’s intercession and the merits of all their sufferings and prayers for those that came to those events and to help us maintain our stamina. I also hope that they will join us in our prayers for all those that will encounter the Relics of the Passion as we make our way to the many churches we will visit along the way on our 2017 tour.