On the Road

A New Year - A New program

Written by: Denise Serafini on Friday, January 20, 2017

The Year of Mercy was certainly a year full of wonderful events that were hosted at many parishes, retreat centers, shrines and convents. More than 30,000 people had the opportunity to engage in our meditative program and venerate our Relics of the Passion collection in our travels across 15 states. More than 10,000 individuals added our program of meditations on Christ’s road to Calvary to their collection of prayers for ongoing devotion to His Passion. We couldn’t have been more blessed.

Early on in our travels we had the privilege of being at Ss. Peter and Paul Proto-Cathedral Church in Alton, IL. Because of the suggestions and guidance of Monsignor Kenneth Steffen, we learned that we should make Exposition of the Holy Eucharist an integral part of our presentation. It emphasizes the the most significant and sacred gift given to us during the Last Supper that transcends the chasm of time. Including simple Eucharistic Exposition allows us to bring God’s presence with us today into our consideration of the great sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation. As time went on we decided that we needed to add specific prayers focused on Jesus in the Eucharist to highlight His Real Presence, to assure it would not be be confused or overshadowed by the relics that, although holy, are simply rare and historical artifacts. We owe Monsignor Steffen our sincere gratitude for helping us to present the Relics of the Passion in context with the greater gift of salvation which is ever-present with us on the altar and in our tabernacles.

Our new program for 2017 is entitled, "Call from the Crucified Heart". It is designed to highlight a facet of what we believe Christ’s message is to us from various scenes during His Passion. We have also made exposition of the Holy Eucharist a required part of the meditative portion of our presentation, to underscore that time-transcending gift that connects us from His Passion to His Presence with us today. As a tribute to Our Lady of Sorrows, and in honor of the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, our program also highlights a perspective on Mary as she accompanied Jesus on the path to Calvary.

We already have a tremendous line-up of events across the states this year, including a customized, special event for seminarians in August. Continue to check the schedule for an event in your area, and please feel free to Contact Us if you’d like us to visit your parish so that you and your fellow parishioners can experience a true encounter with the Crucified Christ. We’re hoping to honor Jesus and his mother with the good news of salvation in more places and with more participants than we did in 2016.