On the Road

It’s all in God’s Plan

Written by: Denise Serafini on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sunday, May 15 was Mother’s Day. With all the family events being held that day there were only a few attendees at this event. That was probably a good thing, since there had been a slight miscommunication in the scheduling which caused a little confusion regarding the time and date of the event.

Sometimes God’s plans are not aligned with what we are expecting at the moment and that was certainly the case here. As always, God had a very special plan for this event. What came to pass was a very intimate presentation of “Call from the Crucified Heart” that was intensely special for each of the individuals that did attend.

First there was a gentleman that volunteered to help us bring in one of our many cases. He placed it on the bench near the altar and said, “Whatever is in that case must be extremely powerful. I could feel something from the time I picked it up.” He immediately turned around and started to weep because he was so overwhelmed. He could have picked up any one of the many cases we bring in to a presentation but he happened to pick up the case with the Relic of the Holy Nail.

There was a woman that came in thanks for the event she had attended the day before. Her 10-year old granddaughter was with her at that event. It seems that the woman’s son had more or less severed his relationship with God, but still allowed his mother to teach and guide his children in the basic principles of our faith and she has assured that they have received the sacraments. Well it seems her granddaughter told her that she felt like Jesus was hugging her and talking to her during the event of the previous evening. This little 10-year old was so touched that her immediate comment to her father when she returned home was, “Dad, you really need to return to Jesus. He’s really there and waiting for you.” Young children can sometimes be the best evangelists.

There were several children in attendance. They had just spent time the day before learning about the story of Fatima and the significance of the canonization of Jacinta and Francisco. Attending the Relics of the Passion event, according to their mother, and grandmother, was the conclusion of the story that helped bring all the pieces together for them.

There were others that each had their unique story and it was interesting to see the hand of God touch each of these individuals. While it’s always wonderful to have overwhelming attendance at these events, having one that demonstrates the intimate relationship God wants to have with each of us was just as significant and truly remarkable.