On the Road

Spreading the Message of His Mercy and Love

Written by: Denise Serafini on Thursday, March 23, 2017

We made a 3rd annual visit for our presentation of the relics to the National Shrine of Divine Mercy on Saturday, March 18. Although I would never have believed that Saturday mornings would be an optimum time to present a program such as ours, it turns out that it’s the best time. We had full house attendance for a 10:00 AM event. The program was simulcast to the lower level to support a full chapel and conference room. Father Anthony Gramlich, rector of the shrine, presided over the event and there was a full complement of shrine staff to direct the pilgrims. Members of the staff also participated in helping us to hold the individual relics for veneration and for that we are most grateful. I was touched by the number of individuals, men, women and children alike, that came forward to venerate the relics with tears in their eyes. Not only that, but the pilgrims that joined us that day had a sense of faithfulness that prompted them to spend extra time in venerating the relics with true devotion and respect for the sufferings of Jesus in His Passion. Because of the size of the crowd we ran over our allotted time and finished some three and half hours after we began. What a blessing! I am of the belief that the divine plan includes creating multiple sources to spread the message of His Divine Love and once we are touched by that love we reflect it. If what we witnessed in the reverence coupled with the tearful encounter the pilgrims had with Christ’s Passion as they approached the relics at the Divine Mercy Shrine this past weekend is any indication, I’d say the message of God’s love and mercy truly touched many hearts. The evidence was reflected in their faces.

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