On the Road

What’s a Disciple?

Written by: Denise Serafini on Thursday, November 09, 2017

We spend lots of time working with representatives of the Knights of Columbus and they are each exceptional in some way, however we had the privilege of working with one sir knight that was just remarkable. Titus Conwell was the main coordinating entity for Color Guard support for our entire tour of Colorado. Titus is a broad and formidable man with a loving heart. Everything he does, regardless of the problems that arise in execution of the task associated with his role, reflects his love of the Lord. You can tell that he does everything in his life with an eye towards assuring God’s greater glory. He always has a bounding smile and gentle voice and, as we discovered, a way of praying from the heart that touches anyone that has had the privilege of praying with him.

All of his efforts in support of our activities came to a close with our stop at St. Gabriel Church in Colorado Springs on June 11.

As with any presentation, there are all sorts of little unplanned things that can occur just before the event that offsets our time table for organizing and setup. We were unaware that there would be a Mass just before the relic presentation and a Baptism was scheduled just before Mass. That left us incredibly little time to set up. The only thing we could do is move all of our equipment off into an inconspicuous corner inside the church and hope for the best right after Mass ended. Titus and his close friend David were there at the ready to help us move everything into place. They had the advantage of having been with us at every event we had done in Colorado, so it was easy for them to know exactly how to help us expedite the process. We made an announcement to let the faithful know that we would need 15 minutes to get everything into place. We did our best and got everything but the backdrops positioned on time for the event. We actually had a few minutes to set those up in the back of the church before the Baptism took place.

Deacon Andy Dunnam joined us in delivery of the event presentation. St. Gabriel’s is a relatively large church but the configuration of the altar in relation to the pews left only a small area to organize our pedestals for optimal flow through during veneration. Amazingly all the issues fell by the wayside as soon as we began the program. It almost seemed like everything was intended to be the way it ended up, despite the stress. All the pieces fell into place and the event was remarkable. I could look out from the podium and see the evidence of the effect that the meditations were having on many in attendance. Tissue was being passed from person to person and tears seemed to be free flowing. The family that organized the event for the Church of the Precious Blood was also among the participating faithful that evening. They had decided to make the three hour trip to join us for a repeat of the experience they had during the prior evening’s event.

Titus and his good friend and fellow Sir Knight David, helped us to take down our equipment and repack our SUV. As soon as that was done Titus brought David, Jean and myself into a little huddle. We were brought together so that he might be able to take the time with us to pray for our ministry, our safe journey and for the Holy Spirit to continually be the source of inspiration for our activities. Titus likely had no idea, but as he took the time to celebrate our joint mission as Christ’s servants in prayer, I was taken back to an occasion when we had prayed with Titus once before. A few years ago Titus happened to be at an event where there was a lull in the flow of people coming in to venerate the relics. He suggested we say the rosary together and I have to admit that I’ve only met a few individuals that can say the rosary with a true demonstration of love for Our Lady. Titus definitely demonstrates his love for Mary with each individual prayer in the Rosary. I’ve read lots of books regarding the Apostles and their activities. Because they had spent so much personal time with Jesus and were given the full complement of gifts from the Holy Spirit, anyone that had the opportunity to participate with them in prayer must have felt like they were taking part in a unique and inspiring experience. This little prayer session with Titus reminded me of those stories of the disciples and their engagement in prayer with the Apostles before and after evangelizing activities.

Titus may just be the current imitation of his namesake from the Bible:

After success on a mission to Corinth, Titus journeyed north and met Paul in Macedonia. There the apostle, overjoyed by Titus' success, wrote 2 Corinthians. Titus then returned to Corinth with a larger entourage, carrying 2 Corinthians with him. Paul joined Titus in Corinth later. From Corinth, Paul then sent Titus to organize the collections of alms for the Christians at Jerusalem. Titus was therefore a troubleshooter, peacemaker, administrator, and missionary.

Throughout the entire process I was witness to Titus in his various roles, addressing tasks and issues that were probably pretty much in perspective with what Paul’s disciple in Corinth was dealing with, complete with the troubleshooting and peacemaking. We certainly thank Titus for his efforts to help us in our mission, but more than anything, we thank him for his example of loving prayer from the heart and living his life as an example of committed discipleship with Jesus. The biblical Titus and today’s Titus that we’ve come to know are both the definition of true disciples in Christ.